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Access Micro Scholarship English Program

English is taught in public schools in Jordan beginning in elementary school.  However, the emphasis is on reading comprehension and memorization of grammar rules.  Lack of ability to speak conversational English limits career opportunities in a wide array of fields, from tourism to engineering. World Associates’ English Access Micro-Scholarship Program helps prepare high school students for increased educational and career opportunities through English proficiency, increased understanding of cross-cultural awareness, and leadership development.

In addition to after-school classroom instruction, Access offers a variety of enhancement activities (such as field trips to Amman and learning about American holidays) and a week-long summer camp that includes educational games and community service projects.  Access is a 2-year program.  Participants, who are ages 14-17, come from low-income families in Aqaba.  This project is funded by the U.S. Department of Sate.


  • Helping our community Helping our community Volunteer day at The Queen Noor Al Hussein Foundation
  • Excited Volunteers Excited Volunteers
  • Preparing speeches Preparing speeches
  • Preparing speeches Preparing speeches
  • Happy to be learning Happy to be learning
  • Preparing Speeches Preparing Speeches
  • Group work Group work


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