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World Associates, Ltd. (W.A.) is a non-profit development organization that alleviates basic felt needs leading to self-sufficiency, personal development, and health in the community, especially among the poor. From 1997 until 2008, WA focused its attention solely on projects in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  In 2008, a center was opened in Sulaymania, a city in the Kurdish area of Iraq. 


For over 10 years, W.A. has strategically chosen one of the oldest neighborhoods of Aqaba, Jordan as its location. This enables the Aqaba branch to prepare the people of Aqaba for large tourism industry changes taking place in their city.

By encouraging corporate social responsibility among business leaders, advocating educational opportunities for Aqaba citizens, teaching individual health and wellness courses, job skills training and other endeavors, W.A. will help Aqaba residents to be equipped and prepared as the Jordanian tourism industry expands.

Starting in 2015, World Associates started some strategic initiatives to expand to other areas in Jordan.  Projects were opened in E. Amman in May of 2015 and are scheduled for Irbid in January of 2016.


The LIFE Center – Sully opened in 2008.  English students from all walks of life has filled the center to its capacity since day one.   Our program includes 5 levels of English as well as one evening a week for open coffee shop where students can come and practice what they learn in the classroom.