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When you walk into the fitness area on the top floor of the Life Center, you sense the energy and trusting community that is at the heart of World Associates’ wellness program for women.  WellFit Women provides a safe, nurturing environment for women of all socio-economic backgrounds in Aqaba to learn and practice healthful lifestyles.

Many of the women in our city face significant social constraints, have limited access to healthy social interaction and little understanding of how to live healthful lives.  Many also suffer from depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, vitamin deficiency, and obesity.  Women experiencing these health issues are often unaware of how to obtain relief.

Since 2006, WellFit Women has addressed these needs by providing affordable, high-quality wellness care for underserved women.  We build deep relationships with the women of our city and help them develop honest and trusting relationships with each other.  Through this supportive community, we encourage and empower women in healthy lifestyles, physical activities, proper nutrition and soul care through our exercise and fitness classes, discussion groups, monthly workshop sessions and activities.  Soon we will begin offering childbirth education, labor coaching and breastfeeding consulting.  Currently we serve about 50 women monthly but want to expand if we are able to obtain more space.